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Terms of Use & amp; Privacy Policy
Rules and Regulations


Access to the camping ground and the use of its services is reserved for
those who have booked their stay in it. The Camping Management reserves
the right of admission and will cancel the contract to campers who disturb the peace, fail to
the elementary norms of social coexistence and education, do not respect the regulations
internally and in general, do not respect the principles of civilized life as established
this Official Regulation and the FCC Internal Camping Regime
1.3 Control sticker: It is mandatory to place the control sticker on the windshield of
your vehicle in a clearly visible place for the security personnel of the campsite. The motorcycles
They must have the control stickers clearly visible on the front.


Tourist tax is not applied


It should be avoided to leave them unattended and they should never be loose, the dogs will have to
be polite and do not disturb the neighbors, in case of not complying with the regulations they will have
than to leave the campsite facilities, without any refund.
They should be prevented from relieving themselves within the limits of the campsite and throughout
case your needs will always be collected. They are not allowed in Swiss houses (in
some bungalows if allowed, with supplement and under previous reservation and always
subject to availability of the campsite. Dog breeds potentially considered
dangerous are forbidden to enter;

(The prohibited ones are: american staffordshire terrier, american staffordshire bull terrier,
Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, Bull Mastiff, Doberman, Dogo Argentino, Dogo de Bordeaux,
Neapolitan Mastiff, Fila Brasileiro, Rottweiler and Tosa Inu


The arrival time is from 12h. at 10pm.
The plot must be vacated before 12 noon.
The maximum number of occupants per plot is 6 people (children included).


Access to the accommodation will take place from 3:00 p.m. in Low Season.
from 5:00 p.m. in Medium Season and High Season.
On the day of departure (Check out) the accommodation must be vacated before 12: 00H, in
otherwise, the Late Check Out fee (€ 35) must be paid.


Upon arrival you will have to pay the entirety of your stay.

The free visit lasts a maximum of 1 hour and you must deposit a
official document (DNI). The visitor will NOT be able to use the facilities of the
camping. Exceeded the hour, it will be subject to tariff. All visitors must

present themselves at the Reception and must be identified with a bracelet for access to the
enclosure. Those who wish to enjoy the facilities may do so upon payment of € 20 + VAT
adult and € 10 + VAT for children (up to 10 years old) and must be identified with a bracelet with the right of admission and according to capacity availability


Only vehicles with a control sticker are allowed to enter. I know
prohibits the use of motorized and / or electric scooters to minors under 16 years of age and the use of
mini-bikes and quads in all cases. Any vehicle disturbing by noise
excessive, it will be prohibited.

8.1 Entrance parking
Vehicle parking in the car park is reserved for customers of the Camping
The Camping offers the possibility of parking your vehicle in the outdoor parking lot of the
Entry from 00h, it is an unguarded parking lot.

The campsite is not responsible for thefts inside the campsite and
entrance parking. It will not be liable for damages that are not directly attributable to it.
due to meteorological or natural phenomena (for example: resin from trees, rains,
wind, floods, etc). Nor if the customer's vehicle is damaged by crashing
against curbs, tree, branch, etc.




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