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Videos and photos of the camping l´espelt

Torrenova Beach

Torrenova Beach has a length of 250 meters and the total area is 3,750 m2.

South Beach

At the foot of the walls and next to the fishing port, we find the Playa Sur collection, sheltered from storms.

Santa Lucia Beach

Playa Santa Lucía is 54 meters long and 12 meters wide, with a total area of 648 m² of pebbles.

North Beach

The North Beach of Peñíscola is the closest beach to the old town of the town.

Irta Beach

Irta beach with its little more than 35 meters in length and 15 meters in width makes it one of the smallest in Peñíscola

Russo Beach

Pebret beach and Russo beach are one of the few sandy beaches that exist in the Natural Park. Together

Pebret beach

The Pebret beach, together with the Russo beach (the two are together), are the only beaches totally with fine sand that exist in the Park.

Widows beach

Las Vuidas beach is located next to the South Beach of Peñíscola. It is a semi-urban beach and very quiet even in summer.

Petxina Beach

The name of the beach refers to the multitude of shells that are on its shores (petxina means shell in Catalan). Normally it is a cove with a low occupancy level and the perfect place to practice diving or snorkeling.

Basseta Beach

The best time to visit is at sunset, when the sun sets and reveals a fantastic view of the Sierra de Irta and the Papa Luna castle in the background.

Cala Puerto Azul

It is a small and quiet cove, with sun practically all day. For this reason, it is usually a quite crowded cove even in winter where it is usual to see people sunbathing.

Cala Ordi

Cala Ordi is 50 m long and has a total area of 750 m² of pebbles and gravel.

Cala L'Aljub

It is a very quiet cove and perfect to relax even in summer since it is always little busy. For the most part the cove is rock, except for a small piece with small pebbles and sand.

Cala del Volante

This small cove is 32 meters long and its total area is 320 m2, it is composed of fine sand.

Cala Badum

This cove is characterized by its difficult access, which is why it becomes the right place if what you want is to spend a moment alone

Cala Argilaga

The Argilaga cove is the furthest from Peñíscola and very close to the neighboring town of Alcosebre.



The Templar-Pontifical Castle of Peñíscola is the completely walled fortress that occupies the highest part of the rock on which the ancient city of Peñíscola is located. Construction began in 1294 and was finished 12 years later, in 1307 by the Knights Templar


It is a botanical park with gardens made up of palm trees, olive trees, lavender and native flora of the Sierra de Irta Natural Park. As they told us in this idyllic place civil weddings are celebrated, I do not think it is a bad place to get married.


It is located in the lower part of the Castle. It was built in 1892 and its light signal reaches a distance of 65 km.

You cannot visit the interior, but you can take beautiful photos from the esplanade where it is located.


The old town has several entrances of different architecture and construction:


The most important entrance would be the Portal Fosc, in the Renaissance style. It was the main entrance until the s. XVIII. On the main door of Portal Fosc we can still see a commemorative shield of Felipe II.

The Gate of Sant Pere

ordered to be built by Pope Luna in the 15th century, it provided the city with a new access by sea, creating a jetty that functioned until the 18th century. Currently, and due to the new seaport of the city, it is accessed by land. In the portal is the coat of arms of Papa Luna.


It is a geological curiosity that consists of a natural tunnel excavated in the rock where the city sits, and through which the waters of the Mediterranean continually enter and leave, causing thunderous snorts and violent rises of the sea water on days of storms.


There are bars with terraces near the Bufador, making it a nice place to have a drink.


It is located next to the castle and houses the image of the patron saint of the city. It was built by Governor Don Sancho de Echevarría between 1708 and 1714.

Free pick-ups for more than 6 people

Much more fun than seeing animals is being able to interact with them. You can do it in our flyers, walk surrounded by birds, play with them. It will become one of the highlights of your vacation.

Free Pickups for

more than 4 people

Learning to enjoy the sea, in a healthy way, you will end up with a smile, and full of energy.

300 meters from Spa Natura

In this school farm, located between Peñíscola and Benicarló and a few meters from the beaches and the promenade, you can carry out a variety of activities for all audiences, both for the smallest and the oldest.

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